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The Invitation - an oil painting of a group of poultry (chickens, pigeons, and a duck) entering thro
Jewel of Borneo - Paph.lowii & oakleaf fern. An oil painting of a tropical slipper orchid growing ep
Mallard Trio - an oil painting of three mallard ducks on blue water
Paph. Gloria Naugle studies - a sketchbook study sheet of a pink slipper orchid in pencil and acryli
Light Sussex Family - an oil painting of a family of chcikens walking through a dusty landscape
The Lottery (King of Saxony Bird of Paradise) - an oil painting of the bird flying before a pall of
American Game
Vanitas - an oil painting of a human skull covered in butterflies
Paphiopedilum Stone Praetorian - an oil painting of a yellow and red tropical slipper orchid hybrid
Out Of The Egg - an oil painting of a large group of many different colourful chicken breeds
Descending Tigress - an oil painting of a wild tiger walking through an Indian landscape of fallen l
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